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32 Track Multitrack Recorder. Includes 64gb SD card for up to 2 hours of recording time.

Record. Practice. Perfect.

Musicians and vocalist can practice whenever they want, allowing them to perfect their craft. Audio technicians don't have that luxury; at the most you get a single rehearsal once a week. The solution to this time constraint is virtual soundcheck: the ability to record the rehearsal and playback through the console and hone your craft.

Introducing the NemoSyn NDrive, allowing you to connect to your digital mixing console and record up to 32 tracks of audio at the push of a button.
The band comes in, you fire up the console, connect the NemoSyn NDrive and press RECORD. Kick back and relax as the entire rehearsal is captured.
After the band has gone home you flip a preset on your console and press PLAY, all 32 tracks recorded during the rehearsal are now flowing into your console as if the band was still in the room.
You now have the easy and instant ability to perfect your craft just as much as the musicians you are mixing.

I've waited far too long to start doing virtual SoundChecks. The benefits are amazing! Having the ability to go back and remix the previous weekends service or rehearsals is an integral part of our process and success. I am excited that the NDrive will make the virtual SoundCheck process much simpler and accessible to so many.

Jeff Abbott - Service Programming Director / Ada Bible

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