The ultimate practice guide on how to mix live!
Think about it:
Your Vocalists Practice
Your Musicians Practice
How do you practice? The short sound check before a service? During a service? These are no times to be practicing! This kit will give you the ability to practice at your own pace when no one is around!

Taken from some of the best minds in the industry, this comprehensive guide to mixing live includes:

iPractice guide to mixing live
USB Stick with iPractice videos
iPractice Mix Deck Reference cards
iPractice 32 Channel Multitrack Song
iPractice scene file for the 32 Channel Multitrack Song

iPractice channel preset library for:

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hihat
  • Toms
  • Overheads
  • Bass
  • Keys
  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Male vocals
  • Female vocals

$50 discount on a NemoSyn nDrive
iPractice certification on completion of test.