Say hello to the NDrive. This little guy is no bigger to hold than your iPhone 6 Plus, just a little bit thicker. What this device offers you is the ability to connect to your digital console’s USB multi-channel audio out port and record up to 32 channels of audio straight out of the console.

The cool thing though is there is no configuration needed on the NDrive, simply plug it in to a supported console, press the big red record button and you are off and running.

Ndrive (16) ResizedThis allows you to not even have to be at the practice, the band can come in, plug in and hit record. You can come in later that night, or even the next day to perfect the mix.

Think about it: the musicians and vocalists can practice whenever they want, in whatever setting they want. You are restricted to having to be in the environment, and having the band there so you can work on the mix. Not any more.


Ndrive (23) Resized-2 During recording and playback you can create markers that allow you to jump from song to song with ease. This will make dialing in that vocal or snare way easier than trying to do it live or during rehearsal.

All 32 tracks are recorded to the removable SD card and can easily be transferred to you computer if you want to mix down a session at a later date.


Ndrive (28) Resized

Here’s another fun idea: for the touring bands, after load in before the sound check playback last nights show off of the NDrive. This will allow you to get a feel for the room, maybe tweak some things after hearing how the room reacts to the band. Sure you have you presets and sessions loaded up on your console, but this is one step further to really dialing that perfect mix before the band even steps foot on the stage.