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About Nemosyn, LLC

Nemosyn, LLC was born out of the desire to solve a problem easily that hadn't been solved yet.

It all started one early morning as I (Matt) sat with Gary for breakfast at the Farmhouse, and over a hot plate of biscuits and gravy a question was raised: why does multitrack recording and virtual sound check have to be so difficult?

Now this is a question that I have been wrestling with for awhile and as a result came up with the concept of a simple device that you would plug into the USB output of you digital console and record all the tracks being spit out of that console without any questions asked. Per usual with most of my ideas I sat on them and figured either someone has to already have made this, or has tried and determined that it would not work.

It was a little surprising when Gary responded with enthusiasm over the idea and took an invested interest in the concept. Using Gary’s contacts from being in the AV industry for as many years as he has, we quickly moved past “this might be a good idea” to “this is definitely a good idea and we need to pursue this passionately.”

That first day we walked into the offices at Magnum Engineer we knew that we had found the right partner to take the idea from concept to reality. Ryan from Magnum showed immediate interest in the project and believed we had stumbled upon something truly special. Every challenge we have thrown at Ryan and his team has been met with such enthusiasm to tackle the impossible and make it a reality.

From the moment we brought Ted on board he brought his contagious passion for AV technology and took his sales knowledge to the numbers, proving that this was not only an awesome product idea but that the venture would be worth it. Ted is the driving force behind sharing the idea and getting people on board.

The underlying concept of our first product, and the ultimate goal of NemoSyn is to create awesome technology solutions that everyone wants to use on a regular basis. We want our tech to be so simple that anyone can walk up and use, yet powerful enough that it can earn a regular spot in your backpack.