I am very excited to share a little bit about something I have been working on for about the last six months, well actually the last 18 months…I have had this idea for awhile now, but only recently has it become a reality. Much thanks to Gary, Ted, Justin and the guys over at Magnum Engineering for joining me on this journey to create what I think is going to be an amazing product.

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So what is it you are asking? For those who live in the AVL world: hook this up to the USB multi-track output on your digital console and this will record 32 tracks of 24 bit audio to the SD card, no PC or software required. Flip a preset, hit play and now you have a virtual soundcheck device.
For those not in the AVL world, this allows us to easily record from our digital mixing consoles and allows us to mix it down later on a computer or play it back through the console as if the band was still there.
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This will help the Audio Engineer actually have a way to practice his craft instead of the 15 minutes before a Sunday morning service. Think about it, musicians and vocalists can basically practice whenever you want, but if the sound guy wants to practice, he usually has to have a band there to practice with. That uses up everyones time and can be difficult.
With the NemoSyn NDrive you can have the band rehearse once and then go home, then you can play the rehearsal over and over, skip parts, jump back and forth, perfecting your mix until it is just right. As an Audio Tech, this is going to be an amazing tool.
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