At the heart of NemoSyn are 3 guys who care about the local church and good audio.

From the start, the vision that thousands of churches around the world could now have a way for the sound guy to practice inspired us.  NemoSyn became more than just a cool recording device.

As the product developed and became a reality our vision expanded on what else we could do to help improve sound quality around the world.  < I > Practice a straight forward training course on sound was born.  Our tag line Record.Practice.Perfect your mix has truly become our mission. 

The elevator pitch became. “Your vocalist practice, your guitar player practices, your drummer well he may practice, but how does you sound guy practice”?

With < I > Practice you can take a straight forward course that includes, guides, videos and a self-test for success. To get hands on a 32 track downloadable file to practice with is available.  Also downloadable is the scene file that is a mix done by and industry pro who has been at FOH for some of the biggest Christian and secular names.  Load the scene file and you not only have his mix, you also have the ability to “deconstruct his mix. You can learn on your own the settings that he used to get that great mix.

< I > Practice and these resources are available all for free on the NemoSyn website.

As NemoSyn moves forward our commitment is to continue to offer affordable products and free resources to improve audio around the world.